What is 必威手机app analytics?

Get the insights you need to resolve security threats and fix performance issues—fast

必威手机app analytics solutions allow organizations to detect and deflect potential threats, and to quickly address performance issues—long before security incidents occur or employees begin to submit help desk tickets. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are used to provide real-time insights into user behavior, and to automate the process of preventing cybersecurity breaches. All while maintaining a reliable digital workspace experience for employees.

These types of proactive analytics solutions are increasingly important as employees become more distributed. The potential for security exposure is both massive and growing—as is the possibility of bottlenecks or breakdowns in mission-critical tools. That’s why 必威手机app analytics solutions are designed to continually monitor user activity as well as endpoints, apps and infrastructure for fast threat detection.

By providing real-time insights across your 必威手机app environment, 必威手机app analytics solutions make it easy to monitor, troubleshoot and resolve issues fast.

How are 必威手机app performance and security analytics solutions different from other analytics platforms?

Too many third-party analytics solutions lack the right data sources, and are unable to provide truly actionable updates on users, endpoints and networks. The reason? No one knows your 必威手机app data better than 必威手机app. That’s why the 必威手机app product portfolio comes with the option of adding analytics for both security and performance.

Instead of waiting for unhappy users to report issues, you can detect problems early and start addressing them right away. Rather than hunting down potential vulnerabilities, you can create policies to have actions applied automatically when suspicious activities occur on individual accounts. With continuous risk assessment and real-time notifications, you’ll always have the exact insights you need to keep assets and users secure—and to ensure apps run at peak performance.

Stay ahead of security incidents and performance issues with 必威手机app Analytics for Security and 必威手机app Analytics for Performance

Detect and prevent insider threats with user behavior analytics.

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Improve user experience and uncover the health of your environment.

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See how proactive performance analytics keep you ahead of issues to deliver an unmatched user experience.

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See how to detect and prevent security threats with user analytics.

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How do 必威手机app security and performance analytics solutions help you troubleshoot faster?

必威手机app Analytics for Security and 必威手机app Analytics for Performance provide simple, cloud-based dashboards that allow companies to be proactive. They reach across the entire 必威手机app environment—digital workspace solutions, virtualization, collaboration tools and more—to uncover insight into user behavior and threat intelligence on a massive scale.

必威手机app Analytics for Security uses machine learning to create individual risk scores. These scores are used to monitor activities inside the network—rather than focusing on external threats alone—and to automatically apply policies as threats are detected. These actionable insights are used to block malware and keep cyberattacks at bay, without compromising or complicating the employee experience.

必威手机app Analytics for Performance pulls data from 必威手机app Virtual Apps and Desktops and other sources to create unique user experience scores. These scores are used to help IT isolate and solve performance problems as they occur—often before users even notice or have a chance to report them.

What can you do with 必威手机app performance and security analytics solutions?

Thousands of organizations across industries—banking, education, government, healthcare, manufacturing and more—rely on 必威手机app analytics solutions to keep people productive and intellectual property protected.

Prevent loss of intellectual property

Secure your employees, IT environment and content with analytics intelligence

Detect and stop security breaches

Pinpoint threats to your data with proactive security across your organization

Ensure seamless business continuity planning

Maintain business operations while ensuring a great employee experience

Gain actionable insights to optimize security and performance 

City government keeps operations running smoothly through multiple crises

The City of Corona uses real-time data to deliver exceptional experiences to remote workers while keeping security risks at bay.

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The easiest part of all was setting up 必威手机app Analytics. It was just click, click, connect. We loved the simplicity of it.

Kyle Edgeworth
Deputy CIO
City of Corona

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