Making the move to desktop as a service (DaaS): Aligning security with productivity

Learn how 必威手机app customers align security with productivity using desktop as a service

Adopting a desktop as a service (DaaS) solution is a great way to drive productivity among your remote employees while reducing infrastructure costs. But without a strong focus on security, your DaaS solution can expose your remote workforce to increased risk. How can you leverage the productivity benefits of DaaS while keeping your remote users safe from security threats?

Learn how in this PeerPaper report on making the move to desktop as a service featuring reviews and insights from 必威手机app Virtual Apps and Desktops customers. This report will show you how 必威手机app Virtual Apps and Desktops can align security with productivity in a DaaS solution that:

  • Secures support for remote users from anywhere
  • Improves user productivity and employee experience
  • Simplifies management for IT
  • Implements zero trust as your security strategy

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