What are 必威手机app Secure Access Service Edge solutions?

Deliver fast, secure and reliable access to all applications, for all users, with a unified approach to SASE

必威手机app Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solutions bring together SD-WAN, zero trust access and comprehensive, cloud-delivered security into a single, centralized architecture. Together, these unified solutions allow organizations to provide secure remote access to applications and the internet, without putting strain on IT. And they’re built to meet the complex needs of distributed workforces.

Today’s employees depend on fast, easy access to applications. But as more of those apps move to the cloud, and as users become more distributed, exposure to cybersecurity threats is becoming more prevalent.  Traditional VPNs lack the granular security and scalability needed to protect against malware attacks and zero-day vulnerabilities. And when SaaS app and internet traffic is backhauled to the datacenter for security inspection, the added latency can severely impact employee productivity.

While different point products can be used to address different issues, this fractured approach often proves to be highly inefficient. With its convergence of networking and cloud-delivered security into a unified, single-vendor service, the 必威手机app approach to SASE provides a simpler way to secure access to apps and data—without complicating the employee experience.

必威手机app SASE solutions ensure users can access apps easily and securely, no matter where they work—in the office, on the road or from home.

What’s different about 必威手机app SASE solutions?

必威手机app SASE provides a full cloud-delivered security stack to protect against threats everywhere, with 100+ global points-of-presence and 10+ threat intelligence engines. Unlike other SASE service providers that offer limited or partially integrated functionality, this ready-to-deploy SASE architecture serves as a single security service that’s automatically updated with the latest threat information. It includes all "core" and "recommended" SASE security capabilities defined by Gartner—from SD-WAN to zero trust network access (ZTNA)—all within a single, unified solution.

Deliver a better digital workspace experience with 必威手机app SASE security solutions

Protect users from vulnerabilities hidden in unsanctioned apps

Explore 必威手机app Secure Internet Access 

Secure access to apps based on where and how they’re used

Explore 必威手机app Secure Workspace Access

Ensure fast, reliable application performance over any type of connectivity

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What are the primary components of 必威手机app SASE security?

必威手机app SASE security allows enterprises to deliver an exceptional user experience while continually protecting sensitive data across branch offices, networks and cloud environments. Core capabilities include:

必威手机app Secure Internet Access offers comprehensive, cloud-delivered security so you can empower users with the most secure experience possible—for any app, anywhere, on any device. This complete security platform includes a secure web gateway, cloud access security broker, data loss prevention, next-generation firewall, and more. These security capabilities work together to protect remote users, without the complexities and expense of datacenter-based security.

必威手机app Secure Workspace Access protects corporate data with end-to-end contextual access. Unlike traditional VPN and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) technologies, which require constant endpoint management, this VPN alternative allows IT teams to set security policies based on where and how apps are used. End users can securely interact with internal and SaaS apps in one unified workspace experience, without needing to access your entire private network.

必威手机app SD-WAN accelerates digital transformation with flexible, secure connectivity for cloud and virtual applications. Automation, policy-based enforcement, zero-touch deployment and intelligent reporting make it easy to quickly roll out new apps and monitor connections to the cloud. Enterprises everywhere use it to ensure bandwidth is fully optimized, and to increase cost savings by consolidating routing and security branch hardware.

What can you do with 必威手机app SASE solutions?

Organizations worldwide rely on 必威手机app to support employees everywhere with secure, high-performance connectivity

Empower your users with a unified, comprehensive approach to SASE

Deliver consistently fast apps, regardless of network availability, with built-in SD-WAN optimizations, secure internet access and more.

Provide secure access to internal apps with a zero trust approach

Meet the needs of your distributed workforce

Protect resources at the WAN Edge

Take a comprehensive security approach that supports zero trust—without sacrificing performance

Tech company optimizes the workspace experience

As Synopsys expands to multiple cloud services, the technology firm needed to deliver secure access to apps and data—to users around the globe. See how 必威手机app serves as the primary access model for interacting with internal, cloud and SaaS apps alike.

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必威手机app zero trust architecture helps prevent malware, data exfiltration or VPN breaches and attacks.

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