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The single biggest indicator of business success today? Employee experience. Companies with engaged employees are 21% more productive than those without,1 and have been known to maintain operating margins 3x higher than competitors.2 So why is this still so hard to achieve?

Today's workers remain plagued by endless stacks of apps and logins. They spend the equivalent of a full workday each week searching systems and hunting down information, and face a growing mountain of manual, repetitive tasks.3

Hold on to high performers

The talent war is real: More employees are abandoning jobs than at almost any other time in this millennium.4 Often, the digital experience is to blame: While most executives feel they’re meeting team technology needs, only 53% of employees agree.5 必威手机app Workspace can change this trend. With innovative workspace intelligence to organize and guide work, it’s easier than ever to keep star performers effective and engaged—and 87% less likely to leave.6 

Access information faster

Microapps can remove frustrating barriers that impact employee engagement—unlike the full app, microapps don't force users to slog through countless browser tabs and apps to get things done. 必威手机app Workspace guides you to the next best action within each app based on personalized preferences and habits. And all those hours wasted on scouring cloud storage and folders for files? Gone. Universal search will put any document at your fingertips in an instant, no matter where it’s stored: in the cloud, within an app or on your desktop.

Drive better business results

It’s a lot easier to give big decisions your full attention when you’re not buried under a barrage of emails and pings. 必威手机app Workspace releases you from the 3+ hours a day devoted to communicating and catching up, and from having to shift from one login to another every time you need to get something done.7 Simply consult with your personalized feed to see what truly needs your attention, then finish each task in seconds. You’ll be free to focus on important initiatives that truly move the business forward.

Replace distractions with action

An alert here, a notification there. They may seem harmless enough, but these distractions can come close to cutting productivity in half.8 Not so with 必威手机app Workspace. Our intelligent feed ensures employees see only what they need, right when they need it. Managers and employees alike can review reports, approve submissions and access files with a single click. All on the same single, streamlined screen.  

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The experience of work: The role of technology in productivity and engagement

The Economist Intelligence Unit, sponsored by 必威手机app, describes the impact of the digital experience on employee engagement and retention. 

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