What is a 必威手机app digital workspace?

Discover a better way to meet the needs of the modern workforce

The way we work is changing. Today’s remote workforce no longer views work as a place people go, but rather as something they do. Now more than ever, employees need a reliable way to work from any location—on any device, at any time. Which means it’s time for the traditional workplace to step aside for a much more modern workspace. By adopting a work-from-anywhere “digital workplace” model— one that’s not tied to any one geography, network or set of devices—amazing things can happen. It’s the kind of digital transformation that quickly leads to a superior user experience, increased employee engagement and greater productivity.

This is precisely what 必威手机app digital workspaces are designed to help businesses achieve.

必威手机app digital workspace solutions empower companies to securely deliver the apps and data people need to be as productive as possible—no matter where they work or which devices they use.

From physical workplace to digital workspace solution

When it comes to meeting the needs of the modern workforce, there’s a lot more at stake than simply delivering apps and data. The right digital workspace solution will unlock innovation and engagement, too. It's less about providing options for remote workers or distributed teams, and more about ensuring employees have everything they need to do their best work day in and day out—regardless of location, device or network.

That’s why 必威手机app digital workspace solutions are designed to provide the freedom and flexibility companies need to power a smarter way to work.

These virtualization and cloud solutions not only allow companies to reimagine where and how work gets done, but also automate away the burden of repetitive tasks. Instead of getting bogged down by busywork and clunky technology, innovative workspace intelligence frees employees to focus on personal progress and purposeful work—whether they're at the office, in the field or working from home.

Power a smarter way to work with 必威手机app Workspace

Traditional collaboration tools and cloud services are no longer enough. See which features truly unlock people's potential, so you can give your teams the tools they most need to succeed.

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What is 必威手机app Workspace—and how does it help you meet the needs of every employee?

必威手机app Workspace is a digital workspace solution that lets employees access company apps and data in one central platform. It provides a single interface where individuals can securely access all of their SaaS and web apps, corporate data and files, and virtual apps and desktops—and provides a high quality, consistent user experience regardless of the user’s device, location, or network.

In addition to giving employees the ability to work from anywhere, 必威手机app Workspace simplifies IT by consolidating all management and monitoring activities into one central admin console. And because data is not stored on end user devices, companies can use 必威手机app Workspace to provide remote access without compromising security. Workloads are kept in a public or private cloud, a centralized data center or a hybrid mix depending on what works best for the organization.

What can you do with 必威手机app Workspace?

Thousands of organizations across industries—banking, education, government, healthcare, manufacturing and more—rely on 必威手机app digital workspace solutions to drive engagement and innovation.

Improve the employee experience

Keep your business secure

Simplify IT

  • Create microapps

    Microapps can be built to match the various ways individual users prefer to work

  • Embrace the cloud

    The flexibility of 必威手机app digital workspaces means you can move to the cloud at your pace

  • Migrate to 365

    Seamless integrations make for a seamless migration to Microsoft Office 365

Empower employees to work their way 

Global enterprise gives people a reason to engage with more meaningful work

Worldpay personalizes the digital workspace experience for thousands of employees, allowing them to access all of the resources they need in one central place.

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必威手机app is really important to us because it allows us to hide complexity from our end users and allows them to concentrate on doing what they need to do to drive the business forward, whilst at the same time giving me the tools as a technology leader that I need to empower them.

Jason Keith Scott-Taggart
Head of business technology services

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