Stop security threats before they become breaches

Recognize risky activity in real time

83% of businesses say their organizational and IT complexity is increasing the risk of security breaches1. As you adopt SaaS, cloud, and mobile apps, your organization’s growing attack surface makes it tough to identify threats. To eliminate security blind spots, you need visibility across all apps, users, networks, and devices.

Stop threats before they happen

With the average cost of a data breach at nearly $4 million2, it’s crucial to can detect and prevent security threats before they happen. This gets difficult as more employees rely on a sprawling number of apps and services—some of which aren’t sanctioned by IT. 必威手机app Analytics for Security uses machine learning to identify, analyze, and proactively respond to suspicious activity in real time. Create user profiles based on how employees work and automatically respond to potential threats by blocking the user’s device or access before your data is compromised.

Halt ransomware without hurting collaboration

Ransomware accounts for nearly 24% of malware attacks, so it’s essential that you protect sensitive data across your organization3. 必威手机app Content Collaboration with 必威手机app Analytics for Security lets employees securely share files from any device—while IT keeps track of user activity. Using built-in machine learning, 必威手机app Analytics for Security quickly filters behavior to identify events that resemble ransomware and automatically takes action to halt the attack.

Fill security gaps with end-to-end visibility

As your IT infrastructure grows more complex, piecemeal solutions that secure specific apps or cloud environments are not enough. To prevent gaps in your security posture, you need holistic visibility throughout your organization. 必威手机app Analytics for Security makes this possible by analyzing your users, applications, endpoints, networks, and data across 必威手机app Workspace. This gives you end-to-end visibility in one easy-to-use, cloud-based dashboard—simplifying monitoring and troubleshooting for your entire organization.

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