Empower your users with a unified, comprehensive approach to SASE

Provide fast, secure and reliable access to all applications—on any device, from any location

Your company is now competing in a world where success depends on the delivery of fast, reliable access to business-critical applications—to all remote users and branch offices. But with most apps delivered as SaaS or hosted in the cloud, it’s getting harder to balance the user experience with security. As application infrastructure moves to the cloud at an unprecedented pace, it’s rendering datacenter-centric networking and security models inadequate. Thankfully, the future of network security is here—and it couldn’t be easier to deploy. 必威手机app’s unified approach to Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) provides the cloud-centric architecture you need to secure employees everywhere, without impacting their experience.

Accelerate your journey to SASE 

To ensure fast, secure and reliable access to apps, full functionality across networking and security is key. Yet many vendors only offer individual SASE platform components, often without tight integrations, leaving you to piece together different point solutions. 必威手机app offers a fully unified approach to SASE that integrates comprehensive, cloud-delivered security with zero-trust network access (ZTNA), SD-WAN, analytics and secure internet access. This unified approach to SASE enables greater flexibility in provisioning, visibility and control to ensure the best, most secure experience for any app, anywhere, on any device. All while allowing IT to stay agile and meet today’s business continuity and growth requirements.

Provide comprehensive protection against all threats 

You work hard to protect your organization from malware, ransomware and other cybersecurity threats. Unfortunately, traditional security architectures are too complex to stay updated. Which means significant risks remain. Not surprisingly, 6 in 10 CIOs expect increased risks from the use of non-enterprise devices and apps.1 You need a security architecture capable of protecting users with rapid, automated updates. 必威手机app’s unified approach to SASE minimizes your attack surface by combining ZTNA with cloud-delivered security that includes secure web gateway, next-generation firewall functionality and AI-powered forensics. Automated updates from more than 10 threat intelligence engines keep your employees protected against the latest threats—no matter where they work or which devices they use.

Improve the user experience 

Executives everywhere are looking to deliver a frictionless experience to mobile and remote workers, in part because legacy networking and security solutions are proving to be insufficient in the work-from-anywhere era. Backhauling traffic to the datacenter for security adds latency and creates WAN bottlenecks, which in turn impedes employee productivity and performance. With 必威手机app, you can eliminate hairpin or backhauled architectures by steering traffic through a comprehensive, cloud-delivered security services stack. Comprehensive SD-WAN functionality ensures a fast and consistent application experience even as WAN performance fluctuates. Over 100 global security points-of-presence (PoPs) and built-in infrastructure resiliency ensure lower latency and consistent performance to provide an unmatched application experience.


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